Starting a Freelance Writing Business: Everything You Need to Know, and Think About Beforehand

Starting a freelance writing business is both one of the easiest things you can do, and also one of the hardest. 

 It’s the easiest because literally anyone can suddenly declare thenmslevs to be running that one freelance writing business; it’s one of the hottest because anyone and everyone who can, does just this.

 I like to be 100% honest in everything I do, with clients with students it would pretty much anyone I interact with, so his the hundred percent honest, inside out, Felicity – approved guides to everything you need to know about starting a freelance writing business call and if you really should.

1. Why do you want to start a freelance writing business?

 Especially during a pandemic, I’m seeing more and more people declaring themselves as freelance writers.  hey, I’m all about empowering people, and Entrepreneurship, but with the sudden swell of freelance writers joining the ranks the rest of us, it suddenly became a very crowded pool.

 This isn’t a bad thing, end in fact it promotes healthy competition ( best Destiny more than enough freelance writing jobs to go around!),  But it does mean that they’ll be a lot of disappointed people who start a freelance writing business, only frittata crumble in their face not much lights off.

 This is because most people who start a freelance writing business don’t consider that it might take quite a long time for it to take off, and for them to make the types of money what they want to on need to live on.

 You need to really think about why you want to start a freelance writing business, because let me tell you, it’s not full of money, at least not at the beginning. Well people like me can teach you what we did the scale up to six figures, or even set you challenges to get new clients in 7 days, none of this advice all these challenges move mean anything unless you understand exactly what you’re trying to achieve in starting your freelance writing business.

Action items:  Check out my post on content writing vs copywriting  LC which type of writing since you more. Then, take my free course on an instruction to content and copywriting, and easy ways you can profit form both. 

2. Be Realistic With Your Timeline

 if you’re working full-time, then realistically you need to know that you’re not going to leave your job and become a successful freelance right to overnight!

 If you have nothing else in the career pipeline, then you still need to be realistic in the time it will take you to not only establish a freelance business, but also I find clients, and get paid.

 Well it can be tempting to  want to go in all guns blazing & up for any and every contents job boards and website, this isn’t necessarily the best way to start your Freelance writing business. That’s because you’ll have very little control over the type of client an industry that you’ll be writing full come out which is perfectly fine if you’re okay with that, but it’s not a scalable way to build a freelance writing business in the long run. He also what we take very much, I will have astronomical fees the pay the website of job boards but you got the job from.

Action items:  Take my 7-Day client challenge in 7 Days time. This is a perfect challenge but if you’re just starting out, AR testing the waters to start your own freelance , are testing the waters to start your own freelance content writing business, or looking for new clients and have an establishment am writing business.

3. Set Your Rates and Send a Price Quote

 once you get a bit of Interest going and you’ll newly-established freelance writing business, do near potential clients are going to be asking you how much you charge and how long it will take to complete that task!

 You need to be ready with coming not to mention your service list. This is very easy to walk out, once you know the formula to do so!

 One piece of advice I can give you: don’t ever overcommit.  it it’s really easy to fall into this trap because you don’t want to say no to work or money, however, giving yourself a little bit of time in order to complete the task to the best of your ability will not only so many reputation as a content, it will also prevent you from burnouts all disappointing your new clients If you can’t deliver on time.

 One way the set you’ll deadlines with your clients is by using the SMART  system:

  • Pacific-  things are specific about what your right thing anything to include such as keywords, and anything else the client requires
  •  Measurable –  although your client might be responsible for all measuring of how successful your writing is, this might was a full-on to you if this is a service that you offer
  •  Attainable –  you need to work out before sending off a price quote if there’s any extra research you need to do, or any other documents or information from the client but you need to check out before you can send you a quote
  •  Relevant-  is this something you understand enough to write about? Do you have the time within the time. Discussed to produce this?
  •  Time-bound –  do you have enough time for the client to produce this work? Have you fax it in any extra time he might need for research, phone calls, the feedback and otherwise?

Action item: take my freelance Financial Management bitwe-size course, and learn the exact frmum,la you need to set your rates and make a profit, and how to be financially setup from theminute you start your freelance writing business. 

4. Focus on Building Up Your Client Base

 look, you’re not going to hit the ground running and suddenly get thousands of client in one month (although, I never say never, this is exactly what happened to me!). So you need to constantly be working on finding a balance between right thing for your clients, and finding new ones.

 This is much easier said than done, and there are several ways that you can work on this at the same time – check outt he action items below.  

 You’ll notice that I haven’t told you to sign up to any of those freelancer writing websites come over this is completely your choice if you want to do so. I passionately find that the sites all waited in favor of the hiring party, is that so much choice, that if your a new a freelance writer on the side, you have to campaign extra hard to win a contract, and even when you do, it’s usually for a much lower price than you could have negotiated had you work directly with a client. That’s before you have to take into account any fees that you owe the website for bringing you the job in the first place. In my opinion, it’s not worth the time or the money.

Action items

  1. Take my get a new client in 7 Days challenge
  2. Self-promoting across your social media channels
  3. Actively ask businesses you’re interested in working with if they have a need for content
  4. Add me on LinkedIn – I regularly post job opportunities!  

5.  Stabilize your income 

 the sounds much easier than it is, but I promise you that will come a point in time where your freelance writing business is stabilized, and you’re ready to move on to the next stage of your businesses development – but that’s a subject for another post and tried!

The Bottom Line on Starting Your Own Freelance Writing Business

It’s going to be an easy ride, but if you’re a talented writer and have the determination and patience to start and build your own freelance writing business from the bottom up, and the only limits that you have is your own imagination.

 check out the rest of my guys to starting, running and scaling your own freelance writing business, and let me know how you get on in the comments!