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The AI Marketing Revolution

The Future is Now

It’s become a consensus that the marketing world is heading at lightning speed towards AI-driven operations and automation, with constant changes and developments. 

Now is the time to slash costs and streamline production, while maintaining top quality and marketing efficiency.

The key to adopting new and emerging AI tools to streamline in-house operations is correct and accurate implementation. This is to avoid content that might be too general or include misinformation, unfounded statements, and irrelevant information that might be unsuitable for your marketing goals.

I’m here to provide you with everything you need to improve your marketing efficiency, by using the most advanced AI tools, taking your marketing to the top while giving you back hundreds of hours a month.


AI Hybrid Content Creation

A cheaper and faster alternative to traditional content writing, utilizing advanced AI tools together with expert human correction and perfection, to customize it to your brand language and make it sound human.

Hybrid AI Training for Companies

Learn how to ride the wave of ever-changing AI developments as they come and enhance your marketing operations: create your own AI-driven content with all of the new tools on the market.

Hybrid AI Content Generation

Companies routinely spend around 25-40% of their annual marketing budget on content production alone. With hybrid AI content creation you get expert-level marketing-ready content for a substantially lower cost and much faster turnaround time - getting more for far less overhead.

AI content generators, including ChatGPT, are not strictly marketing content oriented, might include irrelevant or incorrect information, leaving you in some cases exposed to legal threats, and most importantly, they don’t speak your brand language. For this reason, I’ve designed a Hybrid AI Content Creation system, where I shape AI content generation models to produce content that is customized exclusively for your organization. I then human-proof, correct and perfect it to be marketing-ready.

Some of the methods used:

  • Customized API with Natural Language Processing
  • AutoGPT Recursive Self Improvement and self prompting
  • MemoryGPT customized brand tone integration
  • Microsoft JARVIS (HuggingGPT)
  • Microsoft Co-Pilot tools including Azure Open AI
  • Highly detailed optimized prompts

With hybrid AI content creation, you get much faster production speeds for substantially lower costs, without compromising on quality. Here are just a few of the benefits: 

  • Far cheaper: massively scale your content operations at a much lower cost. 
  • Much faster: get your content turned around quicker than ever before.
  • Perfect pieces of content. You get the best of both the AI and the human world, creating truly researched and fact-checked articles, perfect keyword distribution, on-brand messaging, and more… 
  • Double the expertise: Hybrid AI content creation prevents irrelevant, faulty, bot-sounding content, and provides you with a truly polished masterpiece.
  • too general, which might be unsuitable for your marketing goals
  • Customized content: training the AI tool with your brand language, while steering it away from a general or unsuitable tone

For Cheaper, Faster, Better Content

Hybrid AI Content Training for Companies

Learn to use all of the relevant tools on the market, and use them to produce the exact type of content for your marketing needs.
Create expert-level content with Hybrid AI Content training:

  • Increase marketing efficiency at lower costs
  • Create fast, reliable, and converting Hybrid AI content
  • Combine the benefits of AI and human expertise
  • Create fact-checked content free of errors
  • Guarantee your content sounds effortlessly human
  • Despite AI tools being a much cheaper alternative to traditional content production, no one can use them to their full potential without proper training.

    AI content tools can be tricky to master, and despite all of the buzz surrounding AI, quality content generation cannot be done without human revision and polishing. 

    I provide Hybrid AI Content training for all kinds of organizations, to quickly and efficiently lower costs and streamline production while maintaining top-quality human-like content creation.

    We’ll develop suitable strategies for your content needs, and master the relevant Hybrid AI content tools including: 

    • Customized API with Natural Language Processing
    • AutoGPT Recursive Self Improvement and self prompting
    • MemoryGPT customized brand tone integration
    • Microsoft JARVIS (aka HuggingGPT)
    • Microsoft Co-Pilot tools including Azure Open AI
    • Formulating highly detailed optimized prompts
    • “Hacking” ChatGPT to maximize content output
    • Google Bard tools and content generator

    As an experienced Hybrid AI Content training specialist, I provide a range of training types, according to your needs including: 

    • One-to-one training
    • In-house and/or remote training
    • Workshops and intensive courses
    • Ongoing coaching and mentoring
    • Lectures on Hybrid AI Content topics

    For Extensive, Tailored
    AI Content Training


    Having joined forces with Microsoft AI experts as an experienced content expert, I’ve become a beta tester of AI tools including ChatGPT, AutoGPT and Azure Open AI, among others in development.

    Such early access has granted me insider knowledge to discover the best ways to create fast, reliable, and converting hybrid AI content.

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