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Automate Your Business with aI.

HI! I’m Felicity, an AI Automation Specialist. 

I’ll automate your business processes for you with AI. 

Gain hours back, save resources and get the time to work on what really matters – your business. 

What is AI Business Automation?

AI business automation uses AI technology to take away manual processes from people, and completes them for them. 

Lots of businesses save work hours and resources through automating processes with AI, to streamline efficiency, enhance quality and control, over what used to be manual processes.


Choose Your Automation:

Choose Your Automation:

Auto-Publish Blogs

Automate the process of researching and writing your blogs according to a professional strategy and auto-publish them to a preset schedule.

Auto-Social Media

Automate the process of creating social media posts according to a professional strategy and auto-publish them to a preset schedule.

Auto-send emails

Automate the process of inbound/outbound segmented professional emails with auto-A/B testing and optimization to a preset schedule.

Auto-sales funnel

Automate the process of your sales funnel and backend, auto-capturing and auto-converting leads from first touch to paid invoice.

What you can expect

Audit Call

We have an audit call to discuss your current business proceses. I design a strategy and send it to your for approval. 


After approval, I implement the process. You can continue working regularly during this time. 

Get Hours Back

I demonstrate how the new process works in a short call, and you get hours back in your day! 

Felicity Kay

Content & AI Automation Specialist

Giving You Back Hours of Your Day

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